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Momentum Dance Toronto presents our 7th annual production:

Momentum Dance Toronto (MDT) celebrates Canada’s 150th anniversary in our seventh annual production: ONEFIFTY.   Through the exclusive use of Canadian music, our dancers have choreographed movement pieces that explore and celebrate all that it means to be a part of this great country.


This is a time of immense global complexity;  with technological innovation and globalization at an all-time high, it can be hard to avoid the noise and onslaught of negative media content that exists as a result.  Our MDT dancers have chosen to instead highlight the beauty that can come from change and how as Canadians, we work together to make this country better every day.  Our dancers will showcase the boundless beauty in the geography and topography of our country.  Choreography will celebrate everything from our four seasons, to our musical, athletic and artistic success stories.   Most importantly, our dancers have chosen to highlight what is likely the best part of being Canadian: our acceptance, diversity and love of one another.  Indeed, the world could use a lot more Canada, couldn’t it?

DATES: APRIL 26 - 29th, 2017
LOCATION: Al Green Theatre, 750 Spadina Avenue

>  PHOTOS by: Dave Spowart


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