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Below are some frequently asked questions that come our way. You will find responses to all of them, but if you still require further information, please feel free to contact us directly anytime.


What classes/dance styles does MDT offer?

  • MDT offers a variety of classes that rotate on a weekly basis.  The primary styles that we offer are ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop, yoga and stretch & strength.  We occasionally offer specialty classes (some examples being tap, zumba and choreography) but these are not part of our regular class rotation.


Where and when are the classes held?

  • The classes are held at two locations and are offered in two time slots per week.  Our Wednesday class is at 6:15pm and is held at Daniels Spectrum, Studio 1.  Our Sunday class is at 1pm and is held Winchester Street Theatre.  Please see our class schedule for location details and address/Google map directions.


What level are the classes taught at?

  • The level of the classes is typically at an intermediate level.  Classes are not recommended for beginner dancers who are looking to try dance for the first time.


How much are the classes?

  • Your first class with us is free!  We want you to come experience MDT to see if it is the right fit for you.  After that, the cost is $7 for all future single classes.  We also offer 5 or 10 class passes, and an annual unlimited pass.


What should I expect from the classes?

  • Our classes are 45 mins on Wednesdays, and 1 hour long on Sundays.  Please arrive early as we will ask you to complete a brief form at your first class.  The classes are taught primarily by members of our performance company and our choreographers.  Each teacher has a different style as to how they put together a class, but you can expect that most classes follow a fairly traditional format: warmup, centre work, across the floor work, and a combination.


What should I wear for the classes?

  • Any comfortable clothing or dancewear is acceptable - whatever you would normally wear to a dance or yoga class!


Do I NEED to bring shoes?

  • You do not need to bring shoes.  Street shoes are not allowed on the studio floors.  You may bring ballet shoes, jazz shoes/runners, half soles, etc.


What else should I bring to class?

  • Water is always a good idea.  And, depending on how much you “work it”, a towel is sometimes nice to have as well.  If we are holding a YOGA class, you may want to make sure to bring a yoga mat or towel (we do not provide these things).


Is there parking?

  • At our Wednesday studio, street parking is available as well as a paid lot underneath the building which can be accessed from Sackville Street.  On Sundays, there is free street parking around the studio.


What else?

  • Just bring your energy and get ready to SWEAT, LEARN, DANCE and HAVE FUN!   


When is the next audition?

  • Our auditions are held once a year in early September. Our season 12 auditions will be held on September 6, 2023. Visit our Auditions page to learn more. 


Where is the audition?

  • Our Season 12 auditions will be held at Daniels Spectrum studio 1, 585 Dundas Street East, Toronto.


Do I need to bring a headshot or resume?

  • No, headshots and resumés are not required. Please complete the registration form in advance or arrive early to fill it out before the audition begins. 


Do I need to prepare anything for the audition (ie: choreography, etc)?

  • Nope, no preparation is required.

What should I expect during the audition?

  • The audition is run in a class format, focused mainly on contemporary and jazz technique. You can expect a warm up, some across the floor work, short combinations and one longer combination.  There is no solo work required nor do you need to bring any of your own choreography.


How many dancers are you accepting into the company?

  • On average we look for 3 -10 dancers to join our company each year.  


When do I hear whether I made the company or not?

  • We will contact all dancers within a week of the audition.


Do I need professional dance experience?

  • No, MDT is a company that caters to a wide level of dance experience.  Most of our members do not have professional dance experience, but have had several years of dance training behind them.


When are the performances?

  • We run an annual performance in the spring, which is mandatory for all company members. This is what we work towards during the year during our main rehearsal times.  Apart from that, we seek out other performance opportunities in which our dancers may choose to participate: festivals, conferences and shows. These are not mandatory.


Are there any fee(s) to join the company?  What do the fees include?

  • Yes, all company members are required to pay an annual fee.  The fee is $499 and covers the cost for ALL classes, rehearsals, costumes and much more throughout the year. 


Do the dancers receive any compensation?

  • No, MDT is an operating non-for-profit company and does not compensate  dancers. All profits from any performances are either put towards the operating expenses of the company and/or donated to charity.


Are there any additional charges involved if I do become a company dancer?

  • Shoes, dancewear, special events, workshops, photography or videography, are additional and optional expenses.


Do I need to be available both WEDNESDAYS and SUNDAYS?

  • Your availability can and will affect whether we accept you in the company or not.  Special attention is given to those who can make the commitment both days, however we will consider accepting dancers who are only available for one of the days.  The only thing that is non-negotiable is that the dancer MUST be available for the entire show week in April/May.  Dates for our 2024 show are  April 28 - May 4th 2024.


What else?

  • Just bring your energy and enthusiasm and get ready to SWEAT, LEARN, DANCE and HAVE FUN!

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