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Momentum Dance Toronto presents our 4th annual production:


Can you imagine our world without the arts?  Indeed, art plays a vital role in making our lives infinitely rich.  No matter the art form, artistic expression is a window into the soul of another and can be the voice of human experience.  In this fourth annual production, Momentum Dance Toronto challenged choreographers to seek inspiration from some of the world's most accomplished visual artists, and to explore what happens with space and movement when in relation to paint on a canvas.  We hoped to demonstrate how varied interpretations of art can highlight and inspire the individual artist within us all.


Examining how ART can inspire ART.


DATES: April 23 - 26, 2014
LOCATION: Winchester Street Theatre, 80 Winchester St. 


>  PHOTOS by: Raph Nogal Photography

>  VIDEOS by: Anthony Sandler, ToyPiano Videos



OFF CANVAS (remounted) *Toronto Fringe


MOMENTUM DANCE TORONTO presented choreography from their April 2014 production  “OFF CANVAS” for their Toronto Fringe Stage Debut

DATE: July 4 - 13, 2014

LOCATION: Randolph Theatre, 736 Bathurst Street, Toronto

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