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selections of our 2016 performance of PROJECTIONS...

APRIL 2012 Performance


Momentum Dance Toronto presents our 2nd annual production:


April 11-14, 2012, Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto

Choreographic ADAPTATIONS celebrating CINEMA


It goes without saying that global preoccupation with the motion picture is ever-present.  Whether a musical, historical fiction, parody, documentary, independent or Hollywood blockbuster, the plethora of genres have entertained and inspired audiences for over one hundred years.  Indeed, film has the incredible potential to wrap human existence and experience in pockets of time to connect the world.  Sharing stories of war, peace, hope, love, death and fear, we have all had moments of emotional clarity after viewing a movie that somehow speaks to us, and magically tells our story. Many film critics would argue that music and motion picture soundtracks facilitate that connection and experience.  Indeed, when film technology did not include sound, composers and musicians were hired to create scores of music to play over the film in order to cover the noise of the projector.  Over time, musicians learned the pertinence of musical timing in films, so to draw out the emotional connection from the audience at crucial moments.  Dancers know too well the power that music draws and in some ways, dance and film are linked in our desire to share a story in a pocket of time.  Our inspiration comes from sound; the beat of a drum, the harmony of strings, the passion behind a quickening tempo, the lyrics to notes that tell our story.  From that our body moves to express this story, and to share with you how we feel about our world.


Momentum Dance Toronto takes you on that journey in our very own production of sight, sound and motion.  We share with you music from movies over time that have inspired us to express our art the way an actor would on film.  We seek to make you laugh, to dream, to cry and to connect, in some way to the human condition.  Most importantly, we seek to entertain.  

>  PHOTOS + VIDEOS by: Paul Roy Photography





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