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selections of our 2011 DEBUT performances of TEMPORADA...

April 27-30, 2011

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its chance.
From dark to light we learn; in life seasons we dance.


Momentum Dance Toronto is the city’s newest dance experience.  Bringing together dancers from various backgrounds, the group is thrilled to share their collective talents and common passion for dance, and could not be any more excited to present to you our first annual production, Temporada.  

Our show this year features art in various forms, highlighting a variety of contemporary and classic dance styles.  Our company consists of adults from the GTA who have all studied dance throughout their lives.  Many have chosen to pursue the art form as a career, while others simply dance for personal joy.  In any case, the passion comes alive in Temporada: a show that uses the four seasons as a means to depict the seasons of life.  As humans, we all share the commonality of light and darkness.  There are periods of birth and of joy in our lives, followed by unpredictable challenges, loss and sadness that always have a magical way of cycling back to hope.  This is the human condition, and one in which unites us all regardless of our material differences.  Temporada celebrates what it is to be human; the joy, the love, the challenges, the loss and the inevitable hope that gives the tempo of life meaning, rhythm and momentum.  


Keeping in line with our desire to create a collective of artists, each show will feature performances from outside artists wishing to share their talents and creativity.  These individuals and groups include other dancers, singers and musicians.  (Geometrix Dance Company, Paula Perri (acapella singer), Ada Balon (Singer), Marco La Rocca (guitar).


>  PHOTOS by: Raph Nogal Photography

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