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Momentum Dance Toronto presents our 5th annual production:


‘Down the rabbit hole we go….Curiouser and curiouser’ ~ Alice

A dream starts with wonder - thinking curiously about something that is or could be. When we allow ourselves to wonder, we open a door to infinite possibilities. As Momentum Dance Toronto celebrates our 5th year anniversary performance, we take you on a journey through the looking glass in honour of the ups and downs and adventures of Alice in Wonderland. Written by Lewis Carroll 150 years ago this year, this children’s classic continues to challenge our thoughts as Alice interprets her experiences in relation to herself and the world around her. In tandem with this journey, our choreographers and dancers have sought to interpret and develop new meanings for Carroll’s words and key themes through movement. Some dances will transcribe literally while others will leave you wondering in a way his words continue to perplex both children and adults alike to this very day. The overall message is that anything is possible in Wonderland.


DATES: April 22 - 26, 2015

LOCATION: Winchester Street Theatre, 80 Winchester St. 

>  PHOTOS by: Raph Nogal Photography

>  VIDEOS by: Anthony Sandler, ToyPiano Videos



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